Looking classy on a budget

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Still wondering how you can keep it classy and look expensive yet you are on budget? Well, there are simple ways you can step your style game up and look classy even if you are on a budget. You can start by weeding out retailers. Do a couple of research on what kind of retailers give that kind of ‘expensive look’ but still will not break the bank then pick a couple of retailers that your going to commit to buying.

Stick to neutral colors. With neutral colors you can wear all throughout the year. I don’t state you go and consume the shades you have, simply incorporate more neutrals to your storeroom.

You can invest in quality plain fabrics to bring out the expensive look. It can be cotton or silk. Avoid too much patterns and prints because, they usually bring out the impression that one is trying to hard.

Go for tailored clothes because they always bring out class and give you confidence. You must ensure they fit properly.

Most important is that your outfits must be well taken care of. Ensure they are in perfect condition and wear clothes that are ironed.

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