Money and love

Patricia Odunga

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Growing up in a family filled with love, it has always been my my belief that all relationships should be built on love.

The two years in campus however has taught me that there is more than just love. I mean the kind of love affairs that our young folks across our universities are involved in are just but money making opportunities.

There has been a debate in the recent past , whether or not ladies in campus should date broke guys. I definitely was for the idea of taking in such guys because remember to me it has always been about love. A quick look into a few of my friends experiences and mine to some extent has however made me rethink about my take on this issue.

These broke campus boyfriends in most if not all cases will crawl into your arms with their bare hands, claim to love you, manipulate you into giving your all to them only to hit you with the headline after a few say weeks, months or even a year for the lucky few, that you were never the right one for them.

I call this taking advantage but sadly most girls only realise this when it’s too late. Does money overpower love in a relationship?

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