Every story is different

Patricia Odunga

For the past couple of weeks, I have interacted with a lot of people in an attempt to find out what they have to say about relationships in campus. You see at first I was of the belief that these relationships never really prosper. I mean nobody was going to convince me otherwise.

I must say that speaking to different people has made me realize that everybody’s story is different.  These experiences have made me almost want to pull down my previous posts where I had firmly stated that these relationships are just but a waste of time. I say this because I might have been a victim of a failed campus love affair and I must mention that this experience changed me completely. It probably might have been my inspiration to share my thoughts.

However, today I am glad to tell a story of two campus students, a love story that to me seems to be the best of all I have ever heard of and even seen. Two young souls who were definitely created for each other and from the very moment they met, they knew they would stick by each other to the end no matter what.

Despite the challenges that come with joining campus, they have stood strong through it all and to them their five years together seems like nothing because they still have a lifetime to accomplish. Yes, everyone has a different story and love does flourish in campus.

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Campus brings along with it several experiences and challenges. We hope that our experiences and guidelines shall be able to help you understand the woos of being in campus and how to handle yourself in the setting.

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