Money and power

Frankline Omwoyo

Power and paper. Politics and money.. They are two sides of the same coin. Some argue that money is essential in fulfilling political ambitions wile others deem money as the corrupting agent in politics. Take a glance of the politician you know, and figure out the influence of cash in his/her political career.

I look at money as a corrupting factor in politics. My thinking is that leadership is not all about money but the ideas and vision. What of the poor leaders who are visionary and ambitious? Their fate is doomed only because their pockets are not fat enough to cough out cash during campaign trails.

It all boils down to the populace.  At times I feel mindset change is the key. The leaders we choose because of their worth end up minding their own business-after all it is their money that placed them where they are.  We end up being over presented while undeserved.  We end up complaining of poor infrastructure, bad governance,crime , social inequality, drugs , finally labeling politics as dirty but for sure we are the one who made those choices- we chose money over morality.  For every choice there is consequence, for the money you choose, there is tears awaiting.

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