Quantity over quality

Dorice Nasio



According to the data from my survey, most people will go for second hand clothes when going for shopping. Only a few will consider going for new clothes.

Second hand clothes are most embraced because their prices accommodate every social class. Buying second hand is an amazing sustainable way to  shop because it’s affordable, comes in large quantities and is a perfect way to shop on a budget. It not only comes with  amazing sustainable and budget benefits but also unique pieces, pieces you will not find just in any common store. With new clothes, you might walk around and realize you are wearing a uniform.

Some people go for new clothes because they have found a brand that matches their priorities and are leading by example. But then, buying from brands can be more expensive and most people are not able to afford all their clothes new. Even though new clothes are expensive, you should consider buying them because they last longer unlike second hand pieces.

We have those people who would consider going for both second hand and new clothing which I think works so well for their budgets. They can spend a little on new clothes and buy anything they need second hand. Also there are those things that you will not want to buy second like underwear, so there definitely needs to be options available for new clothes.

It’s important to find what works for you, your budget, your needs and the options available.

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