Showcasing African designs

Dorice Nasio

You’re all invited to the dovykolection fashion event which will be held at the multimedia university conference hall. The event is on 31st of December and is set to start at 7pm till 11pm, entry is free. Our theme this year is showcasing African designs.

As Africans we ought to embrace our African wears and make use of the unique pieces we have. So this event is meant to be an eye opener to us all and help us get inspiration from each other. 

We’re going to have models on the run way showcasing different creative African pieces by different designers then have the judges critique the wears. The judges at this event are going to be great designers how have had great success in their designs and have sold country wide so don’t miss out on the great ideas they have for you on being unique in your African wears. We aim to inspire each and everyone to embrace African designs and give you ideas on designing original pieces. The event is not only meant to showcase African clothing, but also accessories and shoes.

Come meet our great designers and ring inspiration for your own designs or ideas on the perfect African designs to go for when shopping. The clothes and shoes to be showcased range from Ankara wears to African cultural wear so you’ll have a variety to choose from.

The audience will also be allowed to vote for their best African wear from the runway designs and also amongst themselves then the winners will be awarded. Come dressed in your best African attire.

After the event we can have you, the audience, interact with the designers and judges to find out new information and ask questions if any. Come one, come all!

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