Weka Weka basketball

Hamza Hassan

The annual Weka Weka basketball crossover game is almost upon us. This is the 3rd game set to be played since the event was launched, tracing back to 2016.

It was but just launched in a very unorthodox manner where the two teams were endlessly trolling each other and trash talking. So they pitched the idea of battling it out on the basketball court, and the winner would get all the bragging rights throughout the year.

Team Diaspora holds the record 2-0 over their rivals, Team Mombasa.

This year’s game will take place on the last Sunday of the year as at 4pm to 6.30pm at the Mombasa Baptist High School grounds Lord willing.

There are no entrance charges so all are cordially invited. Tell a friend to tell a friend and do bring a friend with you.

Get your popcorns ready fellas, it’s going down for real.

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