Best of both worlds

Njeri Njoroge

Being a boss does not necessarily mean an administrator or head of a division in an organization. In my interpretation, it means being good at what one does and surmounting any obstacles holding one back from doing that which they desire.
For most women, giving birth always seems like the end of the road. Many tend to abandon their careers,hobbies, dreams and ambitions. It is sad. While it may seem like a worthwhile sacrifice,it may catch up with us later on in our lives.
The instance of a parent pushing their child into a career path is no news. What many do not understand is that this is the parent trying to achieve their dreams through their children. So they choose a life for them. One they wanted for themselves.
It is unfair because the child in question is deprived of the opportunity to be their true self. To live up to their full potential and  discover themselves. The pressure on the parents to reach these goals can be overwhelming. 
It would be so much better if we figured out a way in which we can have children and our lives not come to a stand still. You can be a mom and still live and follow your dream. Yes,circumstances are not always the same for everyone but there is always a way.
Here’s to being boss moms. See you on the 25th.

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