Showcasing African designs

Dorice Nasio

You’re all invited to the dovykolection fashion event which will be held at the multimedia university conference hall. The event is on 31st of December and is set to start at 7pm till 11pm, entry is free. Our theme this year is showcasing African designs.

As Africans we ought to embrace our African wears and make use of the unique pieces we have. So this event is meant to be an eye opener to us all and help us get inspiration from each other. 

We’re going to have models on the run way showcasing different creative African pieces by different designers then have the judges critique the wears. The judges at this event are going to be great designers how have had great success in their designs and have sold country wide so don’t miss out on the great ideas they have for you on being unique in your African wears. We aim to inspire each and everyone to embrace African designs and give you ideas on designing original pieces. The event is not only meant to showcase African clothing, but also accessories and shoes.

Come meet our great designers and ring inspiration for your own designs or ideas on the perfect African designs to go for when shopping. The clothes and shoes to be showcased range from Ankara wears to African cultural wear so you’ll have a variety to choose from.

The audience will also be allowed to vote for their best African wear from the runway designs and also amongst themselves then the winners will be awarded. Come dressed in your best African attire.

After the event we can have you, the audience, interact with the designers and judges to find out new information and ask questions if any. Come one, come all!

Quantity over quality

Dorice Nasio


According to the data from my survey, most people will go for second hand clothes when going for shopping. Only a few will consider going for new clothes.

Second hand clothes are most embraced because their prices accommodate every social class. Buying second hand is an amazing sustainable way to  shop because it’s affordable, comes in large quantities and is a perfect way to shop on a budget. It not only comes with  amazing sustainable and budget benefits but also unique pieces, pieces you will not find just in any common store. With new clothes, you might walk around and realize you are wearing a uniform.

Some people go for new clothes because they have found a brand that matches their priorities and are leading by example. But then, buying from brands can be more expensive and most people are not able to afford all their clothes new. Even though new clothes are expensive, you should consider buying them because they last longer unlike second hand pieces.

We have those people who would consider going for both second hand and new clothing which I think works so well for their budgets. They can spend a little on new clothes and buy anything they need second hand. Also there are those things that you will not want to buy second like underwear, so there definitely needs to be options available for new clothes.

It’s important to find what works for you, your budget, your needs and the options available.

Finding you

Dorice Nasio

Do you ever get stuck finding your personal style and dressing for the right occasion? Well this is a struggle for many, especially  in campus where there is competition in fashion.

Personal style is important because it gives you confidence. Here are some of the things to help:

  1. Create your signature style. Find that style that people will identify you with. This will make you feel confident. If you have a hair style that makes you look good, make that your signature.
  2. Look for outfit inspiration especially if you’re trying to figure out your style. Inspiration could come from anyone. For me I try find inspiration from Instagram, runway outfits and Pinterest. It actually helps me find ways of putting outfits together.
  3. Add trendy pieces to basic pieces – I’d say I’m a basic girl but I like following trends. Trendy pieces make your existing wardrobe going. You can wear the same pair of T-shirt but add on a trendy jacket.  Following trends as soon as they come out is exhausting, expensive and it doesn’t really show style, you can only look and replicate.
  4. Invest in staple items – invest in key pieces. Get original items that won’t fade when washed.
  5. Comfort leads to confidence -I love things that make me feel comfortable. Figure out clothes and shoes you’re comfortable in. Find your fit, not too tight or oversize. When you look good you’ll also feel the best and that will boost your confidence level.

Ask Ekirapa

Dorice Nasio

Today we speak to Dalene Ekirapa a young blogger to find out what she has to say about her sense of fashion

So tell us about Dalene the Blogger

I am a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger who aims to inspire style as well as great travel and lifestyle options.

Other than blogging what else do you do?

I am a student doing my Bachelor’s in Quantity Survey while engaging in mentorship programs with the Equity Group Foundation.

What then inspires your blog?

I have always loved speaking for the slim ladies. I know how it feels to be mocked because of one’s body! And as someone who enjoys reading and adventure, getting ideas simply comes naturally.

What’s your latest fashion design project?

Currently I’m working with a designer on her latest collection which will be featured on my blog. The motive behind it is to celebrate local upcoming designers.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

I hope to launch a corporate consultancy firm covering matters on planning, marketing, advertisements and coverage of all things; fashion, travel and lifestyle.

Who inspires you in fashion?

Lucia Masau of The Kenyan Fashionado is my style icon! Her sense of style inspires mine.

What would you advice people on fashion generally?

When it comes to fashion, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good. You only need to dress your body shape, be comfortable and you’ll look effortless.




Looking classy on a budget

Dorice Nasio






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Still wondering how you can keep it classy and look expensive yet you are on budget? Well, there are simple ways you can step your style game up and look classy even if you are on a budget. You can start by weeding out retailers. Do a couple of research on what kind of retailers give that kind of ‘expensive look’ but still will not break the bank then pick a couple of retailers that your going to commit to buying.

Stick to neutral colors. With neutral colors you can wear all throughout the year. I don’t state you go and consume the shades you have, simply incorporate more neutrals to your storeroom.

You can invest in quality plain fabrics to bring out the expensive look. It can be cotton or silk. Avoid too much patterns and prints because, they usually bring out the impression that one is trying to hard.

Go for tailored clothes because they always bring out class and give you confidence. You must ensure they fit properly.

Most important is that your outfits must be well taken care of. Ensure they are in perfect condition and wear clothes that are ironed.

Rock denim bottoms

Dorice Nasio

Fashion is an art and it is something we should all embrace. Being fashionable does not necessarily mean that you have to be expensive, it entails being able to put things together.

Do you ever walk on the streets and realize that denim shorts, trousers and skirts are the ‘it thing’? It is no doubt that denim jeans are the hottest trends currently. It is most likely one of the pieces of fashion everyone owns regardless of their personal style, preference or size.

Whether a dark-wash or light-wash pair of jeans, paring it with the right top, bag and shoes adds glamour to it. Consider stiletto heels in your look to bring out a classy but again formal look. One can also go for knee high boots to help add a touch of glamour for a casual look.

You can also add an evening coat to your denim look. It makes you look like someone who knows her fashion game and is on top of things. An evening coat can be anything from a velvet blazer, leather jackets, a camel coat etc.

A big or small bag of a neutral colour will help complete your classy look.

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