Let’s talk breastfeeding

Njeri Njoroge


Breastfeeding is a natural process. There is no way a mother can decipher the exact time their child shall feel hungry and even so she has to go about her daily duties. It is not fair that some people expect women to go in hiding to breast feed their child.

Everybody should try and make them feel comfortable while doing it. This is because it is scientifically proven that if a woman is uncomfortable or embarrassed there will be little to no milk production. Then it’s the poor infant that will have to suffer for something they have no hand in.
Let us all endeavor to make the world a better place for these mothers by not limiting them from doing them. The institutions that make it possible for the working moms to breast feed comfortably in special rooms is a good start.

I am of the opinion that there is no right or wrong place to breast feed as long as one is not invading another’s space or stepping on the other’s toes.
To the women out there having trouble with where to do it from,you don’t really have to worry,it’s a natural process and you need to own your motherhood and womanhood. It’s one huge blessing.


Mellin Amayo



Most of us, if not all are always so fascinated about finishing highschool and joining campus thinking it’s all fun and games. Yes it is fun, fun and mad fun. All the freedom we always yearned for while at school, we have.

The first days we’re so rich with money from our folks which we spend so well as per mum and dad’s instructions. Time goes and we become so known and familiar with school, we become so full of ourselves: attending all parties going down, visiting our friends from elsewhere, buying expensive stuff outside our normal budget and actually end up finishing all the pocket money we’re given. We become broke so soon that it is even hard to ask for money from our folks.

Since we can’t turn to our folks, we bet(which works well for most people earning them hundreds of thousands for survival while to some of us it just never works and we lose money instead), we gumble(which is not good), we start up small businesses(some good, others dubious). We engage ourselves in all sorts of money bringing deals to an extent of going with/for ‘sponsors’.

For self driven students like me, we know what we want in life and come what may we can never stoop to the level of ‘sponsors’. It’s just not right.

Money and power

Frankline Omwoyo

Power and paper. Politics and money.. They are two sides of the same coin. Some argue that money is essential in fulfilling political ambitions wile others deem money as the corrupting agent in politics. Take a glance of the politician you know, and figure out the influence of cash in his/her political career.

I look at money as a corrupting factor in politics. My thinking is that leadership is not all about money but the ideas and vision. What of the poor leaders who are visionary and ambitious? Their fate is doomed only because their pockets are not fat enough to cough out cash during campaign trails.

It all boils down to the populace.  At times I feel mindset change is the key. The leaders we choose because of their worth end up minding their own business-after all it is their money that placed them where they are.  We end up being over presented while undeserved.  We end up complaining of poor infrastructure, bad governance,crime , social inequality, drugs , finally labeling politics as dirty but for sure we are the one who made those choices- we chose money over morality.  For every choice there is consequence, for the money you choose, there is tears awaiting.

Gone daddies!!

Njeri Njoroge

The number of deadbeat dads recently is on a high with some giving the most preposterous of reasons. I honestly don’t understand why a man would sleep with a woman whom he is not intent on marrying because this suffices as the most common excuse for many.

When faced with the situation of an early pregnancy most men seem to curve and hide leaving the poor girl to deal with what’s to come.  This is never fair. I however feel that many are quick to judge these individuals as irresponsible without really looking at the situation from a guy’s perspective.

Don’t get me wrong,I am not trying to justify these men’s actions. I am just saying that they should be given time to think through the situation because when compared the burden is almost equally the same.

If after giving them a decent amount of time they still  don’t come round,well they are now certified deadbeat dads. The kenyan constitution has a clearly stipulated course of action against these caliber of men. Do not be scared to take action.

It should not be a single person’s cross to carry.There is power in two as compared to one especially in the case of early parenthood.One needs all the support they can get.Bottom line is,let us neither be too brutal nor too lenient on these men. Everybody deserves a shot.

Every story is different

Patricia Odunga

For the past couple of weeks, I have interacted with a lot of people in an attempt to find out what they have to say about relationships in campus. You see at first I was of the belief that these relationships never really prosper. I mean nobody was going to convince me otherwise.

I must say that speaking to different people has made me realize that everybody’s story is different.  These experiences have made me almost want to pull down my previous posts where I had firmly stated that these relationships are just but a waste of time. I say this because I might have been a victim of a failed campus love affair and I must mention that this experience changed me completely. It probably might have been my inspiration to share my thoughts.

However, today I am glad to tell a story of two campus students, a love story that to me seems to be the best of all I have ever heard of and even seen. Two young souls who were definitely created for each other and from the very moment they met, they knew they would stick by each other to the end no matter what.

Despite the challenges that come with joining campus, they have stood strong through it all and to them their five years together seems like nothing because they still have a lifetime to accomplish. Yes, everyone has a different story and love does flourish in campus.

Multimedia University of Kenya basketball

Hamza Hassan


Multimedia University men’s basketball team, or as they call themselves Vultures, is a talented young core looking to better their chances in the ongoing KUSA championship and the upcoming Nairobi Basketball Association league. The team had been struggling for some time but is now better than it was not so long ago.

When asked about their recent recipe for success, the team points to the man that’s been making it happen for them right behind God, Koch Alcatraz. Alcatraz, having previously won the Kenya Premier League basketball championship with the Cooperative Spartans seems to be the perfect fit to lead this young core.

The team however continues to battle its way through tough training conditions. But because basketball is life for them, they don’t look at it as an excuse not to train but rather as fuel to help them train even harder.

With Koch Alcatraz on their side, the sky is the limit for this young core. All they have to do as of now is train hard, day in and day out and eventually their efforts will pay off in the near future.

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” – Kevin Durant.

Finding you

Dorice Nasio

Do you ever get stuck finding your personal style and dressing for the right occasion? Well this is a struggle for many, especially  in campus where there is competition in fashion.

Personal style is important because it gives you confidence. Here are some of the things to help:

  1. Create your signature style. Find that style that people will identify you with. This will make you feel confident. If you have a hair style that makes you look good, make that your signature.
  2. Look for outfit inspiration especially if you’re trying to figure out your style. Inspiration could come from anyone. For me I try find inspiration from Instagram, runway outfits and Pinterest. It actually helps me find ways of putting outfits together.
  3. Add trendy pieces to basic pieces – I’d say I’m a basic girl but I like following trends. Trendy pieces make your existing wardrobe going. You can wear the same pair of T-shirt but add on a trendy jacket.  Following trends as soon as they come out is exhausting, expensive and it doesn’t really show style, you can only look and replicate.
  4. Invest in staple items – invest in key pieces. Get original items that won’t fade when washed.
  5. Comfort leads to confidence -I love things that make me feel comfortable. Figure out clothes and shoes you’re comfortable in. Find your fit, not too tight or oversize. When you look good you’ll also feel the best and that will boost your confidence level.

The Entrepreneur

Mellin Amayo

Being in campus doesn’t hinder you from starting your own business and making a living from it so today I’ll impart my thoughts and experinces in the realms of budgeting with an emphasis in campus.
For a business minded person, there are over 1000 business ideas you can start and benefit from. Any business, regardless of how much you use as capital, has the potential to grow into something big. I mean, we all start somewhere and if your dream is to become successful and independent in future, it doesn’t matter how much you have as seed capital(ofcourse as a campus girl/boy we don’t have so much in our pockets)
Selling mitumba or second hand clothes, printing and photocopying businesses, boiled eggs and smokies, manicure/pedicure businesses, car wash business, movie shop, cleaning service business, selling ice cream, juice blending/fruit business are some of the best and most booming businesses in campus, they require very little capital as well as no trained personnel. Most people may underrate these businesses and assume they are for the uneducated but the truth is that they are very lucrative businesses with the potential of making you good money.

How hard?

Mellin Amayo

Today I’m fortunate enough to meet a very successful young lady with whom budgeting in campus favoured a great deal.
Me: Hi?
Lady: Hi.
Me: You look amazing I must say.
Lady: Thank you. I know how to manage and maintain myself.
Me: Exactly what I need to know right now. So I’ll start by asking, where and how did you start from?
Lady: Mmmh! I 1st started small with atleast 20/- everyday into my savings box. Later on I had a weekly challenge app that boosted and motivated me.
Me: What does it cost to budget?
Lady: Budgeting costs nothing as long as you as a student know what you want and plan yourself.
Me: Well how much do I need to save then?
Lady: This is where most students go wrong. You subtract your expenses from the little pocket money you are given and save whatever that is left which is so wrong. Determine how much you need to save and lower your expenses until you reach your goal. No one knows how much you need to save but you.
Me: Interesting,, but what if I lose track?
Lady: Unless you don’t motivate yourself by thinking about the vision you set for your future financially, you can’t lose track?
Me: And for occasional happenings, how do I budget for them?
Lady: For campus students these are birthdays and parties. It’s just a matter of being creative and taking up a side huste.Invest in the profits and make savings

Will I afford it?

Njeri Njoroge

The issue of having a baby while residing in school seems strenuous especially when it comes to finances. The good news is that you can still grow a healthy baby while on the strict student budget by sticking to the most basic food items.

Today we speak to Hellen Otieno,a third year student at multimedia university who delivered a bouncing baby boy and had been residing in school during her gestation.

Q. How can I manage to eat healthy on a student budget?

It is easy, all one needs to do is stick to a balanced diet.

Q. kindly break down what a balanced diet consists of.

Basically a balanced diet consists of proteins, vitamins,carbohydrates and minerals found in items like eggs,fruits,rice an water respectively.

Q. what of pills,are there any necessary pills that i need to take?

Yes. Follic acid containing pills are very essential for the bone development of the baby but they can be supplemented with the banana fruit.

Q. Is it advisable for me to take beverages?

Beverages are nice but it is not advisable to take caffeinated drinks frequently. I’d recommend taking drinking chocolate and milk.

Q. lastly,did you ever eat for two?

That is a notion we must fight because it leads to overweight and bad bodies postpartum.

It is possible to eat healthy on a student budget.so if this was a major concern of yours then worry no more just ensure to have all the essential nutrients in your daily meals.