The fading flair.

Frankline Omwoyo

Campus politics has recently taken a different dimension. I talk to one of the students who tells the impact of the change especially the new election rules. Here is what transpired.


Good morning

Being a university student, what is your take on the current election laws introduced in the institution that has replaced the mass voting system with a system of delegation that chooses leaders for you?

The recent law that has replaced the mass voting system with a delegation that chooses student leaders is oppressive and suppressive. It brings compromise on leaders we wish for. Keeping in mind most of us are seniors and our right to vote is enshrined in the constitution, the law is aimed at taming the power of student leaders therefore manipulating them.

What has been the reaction of your leaders on this issue?
Nothing! Am surprised our leaders are silent! Really surprised! I expect more from them but they have failed us. It is really disappointing.

History has it that student leaders are bold and outgoing and courageous. What do you think has changed over time?
The government has instilled fear. If you remember, UON student leader was sentenced to jail for his involvement in the botched 1982 coup attempt, he later died in prison. Since then the government has been enacting laws to curtail , manipulate and control the power of student leaders. Laws such as this one.

The essence of sports

Hamza Hassan

” I came to school to study.” Said almost every student who joined campus, which I could justify that not all of them stick to that.

Joining me today, Moses Oderah, a third-year student at Multimedia University, airs out his take on why one should pursue a sporting career in campus. Quick question Mr Moses:

Q. How essential is sports to a campus student?

A. “When students are brought to school by their parents they are often told to concentrate on what brought them to school which is learning. At times parents discourage their kids from participating in games and sporting activities, but we all know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
Games and sports are an integral part of a student’s life. A student should study hard to be successful in competitive examinations. But, they should also play games and sports to enjoy the health and vigor of life. Sports and games are very beneficial to us as they teach us punctuality, patience, discipline, teamwork and dedication. Playing sports helps us in building and improving our confidence level.”

Much appreciated Mr. Moses.

And that’s about it folks. Believe, be good, do good. Adios!


Love lives here

Patricia Odunga

For many, relationships in campus have never really worked out. The good news is, some actually do work. Njeri Njoroge a third year student tells you what you need to know.

Q: How long have you been in a relationship?

I’ve been in a relationship for two years

Q: Tell us something about your boyfriend and how you guys do this?

My boyfriend is a very understanding person, he loves me and our relationship has grown strong over the years and we have grown to understand each other. The fact that we are in the same class makes it even better because I feel that the relationship has time to grow and connect better.

Q: How has your life changed since you started dating your boyfriend?

My life has changed so much because right now I have someone who pushes me academically. You know since we are in the same class we do assignments together, we basically do so much academic work together.

Q: As a student and the fact that you are in the same class, do you encounter some challenges in your relationship?

Yes, we do encounter some challenges because it’s normal for every relationship to have challenges. Nothing good comes easy.

Q: There are very many failed relationships out here in campus. Its never easy for people out here and most people have actually given up. What do you have to tell them?

Relationships are hard. Nothing is easy and people fail. But the most and important thing for any lasting relationship is understanding. But also let us not overlook the fact that there are people who are just not compatible. So if it gets to that point then just leave it. It’s not worth it.

Ask Ekirapa

Dorice Nasio

Today we speak to Dalene Ekirapa a young blogger to find out what she has to say about her sense of fashion

So tell us about Dalene the Blogger

I am a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger who aims to inspire style as well as great travel and lifestyle options.

Other than blogging what else do you do?

I am a student doing my Bachelor’s in Quantity Survey while engaging in mentorship programs with the Equity Group Foundation.

What then inspires your blog?

I have always loved speaking for the slim ladies. I know how it feels to be mocked because of one’s body! And as someone who enjoys reading and adventure, getting ideas simply comes naturally.

What’s your latest fashion design project?

Currently I’m working with a designer on her latest collection which will be featured on my blog. The motive behind it is to celebrate local upcoming designers.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

I hope to launch a corporate consultancy firm covering matters on planning, marketing, advertisements and coverage of all things; fashion, travel and lifestyle.

Who inspires you in fashion?

Lucia Masau of The Kenyan Fashionado is my style icon! Her sense of style inspires mine.

What would you advice people on fashion generally?

When it comes to fashion, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good. You only need to dress your body shape, be comfortable and you’ll look effortless.




University bred

Frankine Omwoyo

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A university degree is a pathway to a successful career which guarantees a good life for many Kenyan youths. This is not always the case to each and every student as some shift gears to enjoy the newly found freedom away from the keen eye of their guardians.

A handful lot consider leadership in student unions but a majority are not interested not only in the student union but in the larger society. Despite different developments in the student union governance and interference from the government and within the institution itself, notable national leaders were bred in the universities.

James Orengo, Siaya governor who is credited for a successful presidential petition during the last years presidential election is regarded as one of the finest legal mind in the Country was University of Nairobi’s student union chair elected in 1972 serving one term and is now a top member of the National Supper Alliance.
Just but to mention a few, Elgeiyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen, Mombasa senator Hassan Omar, Kisumu governor Angang Nyongo, the firebrand Miguna Miguna and the newest in the game Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino are national leaders who once served as student leaders in their respective higher institutions of learning.
The university has proven to be a breeding ground for most ambitious, decisive and firebrand leaders.


Mellin Amayo

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The most commonly known student loan is HELB of which I am one of its beneficiaries;  it’s one heck of a life saver.  It has its good side but also has its grey areas which most students choose to ignore.

HELB boosts students financially which ultimately boosts their budget.  Most of us receive a total of 22,500 per semester; 5,000 is directly deposited in our school account then 17,500 is left for our own use.  This is minus the pocket money we receive from home,  how rich are campus students really?? But for some people this money ends before it even gets to see the light of the day.  I agree we should live at the moment. Yes, YOLO!  But what of tomorrow? We have to know how to budget ourselves now so we can be responsible parents in future.

If we budget well on our student loans, we can use the savings to start a business which will be our investment.  With this,  one can be able to pay the loan even before completion of school. The repayment of the loan is the grey area I had mentioned but for responsible students it’s no challenge.

Which sport?

Hamza Hassan


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Well, after having answered the first question on “why sports?”, now the student assesses and asks themselves what kind of sport would best fit them. Immediately one has the answer to the kind of criteria that they see suits them, then one can start giving their all in that certain sport.

Then again, there’s the issue of talent. Some of us are blessed with immense potential in almost everything they engage in. That being said, you are to ensure that your choosing of your perfect sport fits or rather goes well with your personality. The message am putting across here is, you wouldn’t want to go for a sport where it’ll be highly unfavorable for you. For instance; choosing to play basketball and your height doesn’t correlate with the game. Now I am in no way discouraging anyone not to play basketball because of their height, for I believe in the saying “heart over height”, but rather look at what might favor you in some way.

To wrap it up, you can choose to give every sport a shot and see how well you’ll perform in each one of them. Only then will you know where you’ll fit in best.

Don’t be a bore, do more!

Money and love

Patricia Odunga

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Growing up in a family filled with love, it has always been my my belief that all relationships should be built on love.

The two years in campus however has taught me that there is more than just love. I mean the kind of love affairs that our young folks across our universities are involved in are just but money making opportunities.

There has been a debate in the recent past , whether or not ladies in campus should date broke guys. I definitely was for the idea of taking in such guys because remember to me it has always been about love. A quick look into a few of my friends experiences and mine to some extent has however made me rethink about my take on this issue.

These broke campus boyfriends in most if not all cases will crawl into your arms with their bare hands, claim to love you, manipulate you into giving your all to them only to hit you with the headline after a few say weeks, months or even a year for the lucky few, that you were never the right one for them.

I call this taking advantage but sadly most girls only realise this when it’s too late. Does money overpower love in a relationship?

Preparing for motherhood

Njeri Njoroge

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Having a baby requires a lot but the good thing is that as one goes through the process, it gives insight on the needs to meet  and allows  for proper preparation. Come to think of it,makes sense  why God gave us that long a gestation period.

With that said,here are some of the things I feel are essential

# 1. Getting a medical cover

Child birth can be expensive, a medical ensures that you are well prepared.

# 2. Go to hospital

Prenatal checkups are essential  for a healthier pregnancy.

# 3. Start on a balanced diet

At this point you want to ensure that you eat healthy for the proper growth and development of that  human being growing in you.. In my next article I will get into the details of proper nutrition.

# 4. Buying baby essentials

This was for me an  awesome  experience. I got to imagine holding her in my arms just by picking out the clothes. I felt so much closer to her and it’s more  fun with friends. My friends really came through. So holla at your girls and get going already. Doing it early helps avoid the last minute rush.

# 5. Name picking

This is to enhance bonding especially since it’s advisable to talk to your  bump. So the next time you are talking to them or he is bending to ensure to  call  them by name.

Looking classy on a budget

Dorice Nasio






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Still wondering how you can keep it classy and look expensive yet you are on budget? Well, there are simple ways you can step your style game up and look classy even if you are on a budget. You can start by weeding out retailers. Do a couple of research on what kind of retailers give that kind of ‘expensive look’ but still will not break the bank then pick a couple of retailers that your going to commit to buying.

Stick to neutral colors. With neutral colors you can wear all throughout the year. I don’t state you go and consume the shades you have, simply incorporate more neutrals to your storeroom.

You can invest in quality plain fabrics to bring out the expensive look. It can be cotton or silk. Avoid too much patterns and prints because, they usually bring out the impression that one is trying to hard.

Go for tailored clothes because they always bring out class and give you confidence. You must ensure they fit properly.

Most important is that your outfits must be well taken care of. Ensure they are in perfect condition and wear clothes that are ironed.