Let’s talk money

Mellin Amayo

Are you a business minded person? Do you dream to be your own boss?  You want to be successful and independent? What really stands between you and your goals; is it other people or is it just you?

 Well, come the 27th of December at the MMU conference hall and you will get all the answers. All the knowledge you need will be shared to you and you will be able to get a working understanding that will create a good work structure for you as well as your business.

Also, if you are struggling to get your head in the game and focus on your work it’s okay. Every mistake, every failure you experience is an opportunity to learn and here you will know how to make it work for you. This is going to be more than just motivational ideas and some tips on how to be productive.

 Whether you have a great idea you want to launch or a business you’re running that you want to grow, on this day you will get all the business tools you need to take your business to the next level.

The Entrepreneur

Mellin Amayo

Being in campus doesn’t hinder you from starting your own business and making a living from it so today I’ll impart my thoughts and experinces in the realms of budgeting with an emphasis in campus.
For a business minded person, there are over 1000 business ideas you can start and benefit from. Any business, regardless of how much you use as capital, has the potential to grow into something big. I mean, we all start somewhere and if your dream is to become successful and independent in future, it doesn’t matter how much you have as seed capital(ofcourse as a campus girl/boy we don’t have so much in our pockets)
Selling mitumba or second hand clothes, printing and photocopying businesses, boiled eggs and smokies, manicure/pedicure businesses, car wash business, movie shop, cleaning service business, selling ice cream, juice blending/fruit business are some of the best and most booming businesses in campus, they require very little capital as well as no trained personnel. Most people may underrate these businesses and assume they are for the uneducated but the truth is that they are very lucrative businesses with the potential of making you good money.

How hard?

Mellin Amayo

Today I’m fortunate enough to meet a very successful young lady with whom budgeting in campus favoured a great deal.
Me: Hi?
Lady: Hi.
Me: You look amazing I must say.
Lady: Thank you. I know how to manage and maintain myself.
Me: Exactly what I need to know right now. So I’ll start by asking, where and how did you start from?
Lady: Mmmh! I 1st started small with atleast 20/- everyday into my savings box. Later on I had a weekly challenge app that boosted and motivated me.
Me: What does it cost to budget?
Lady: Budgeting costs nothing as long as you as a student know what you want and plan yourself.
Me: Well how much do I need to save then?
Lady: This is where most students go wrong. You subtract your expenses from the little pocket money you are given and save whatever that is left which is so wrong. Determine how much you need to save and lower your expenses until you reach your goal. No one knows how much you need to save but you.
Me: Interesting,, but what if I lose track?
Lady: Unless you don’t motivate yourself by thinking about the vision you set for your future financially, you can’t lose track?
Me: And for occasional happenings, how do I budget for them?
Lady: For campus students these are birthdays and parties. It’s just a matter of being creative and taking up a side huste.Invest in the profits and make savings