Gone daddies!!

Njeri Njoroge

The number of deadbeat dads recently is on a high with some giving the most preposterous of reasons. I honestly don’t understand why a man would sleep with a woman whom he is not intent on marrying because this suffices as the most common excuse for many.

When faced with the situation of an early pregnancy most men seem to curve and hide leaving the poor girl to deal with what’s to come.¬† This is never fair. I however feel that many are quick to judge these individuals as irresponsible without really looking at the situation from a guy’s perspective.

Don’t get me wrong,I am not trying to justify these men’s actions. I am just saying that they should be given time to think through the situation because when compared the burden is almost equally the same.

If after giving them a decent amount of time they still¬† don’t come round,well they are now certified deadbeat dads. The kenyan constitution has a clearly stipulated course of action against these caliber of men. Do not be scared to take action.

It should not be a single person’s cross to carry.There is power in two as compared to one especially in the case of early parenthood.One needs all the support they can get.Bottom line is,let us neither be too brutal nor too lenient on these men. Everybody deserves a shot.