The hour of need

Frankline Omwoyo

As the building went down in rubles, so did my heart. It has been three to four since the plans for the expansion of our local road kicked off. The excavators came crushing everything on its path that stood on government land.  Peoples live hood went down as  well but when a children’s home went down without notice and they had to spent the whole night in the cold, I was beaten and dejected. Nobody spoke about it, nobody stood with the orphans who had been left homeless once more. I expected the local leaders to say a word , they remained numb. Let us look at the other side of the coin.

Am particularly focusing on the 2/3 gender rule that seeks to add the number of women legislators  to reach the constitutional requirement.  this is mend  to increase the wages bill burden to the common citizens. We have seen politicians and leaders from across all political divide coming together and denouncing the retrogressive law in unison. There are alternatives  to reaching the required number of women legislators than posing a burden to the citizens who are currently between a rock and a hard place financially. One such option is to increase incentives to political parties that nominate women. in such cases some leaders have dumped personal interest at the expense of the people.



Political whitch haunt.

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“ It’s worth it.” Says the soft spoken Clinton Owino.  You could see the conviction on his face and hear the assurance in his voice.  With a narrow sledge smile , you could see the bruises but from the look of things- giving is not an option.

Hardly three months into office, several impeachment appeals have been tabled against him. One has maliciously gone through and baseleslly approved by the administration. A by-election is looming but he has been stricken out of the contesters. What forces are behind the woes  facing Multimedia University president who was validly elected  just the other day? Before he got where he is, we have to understand where he is from.

After all posts on the University Student Governing Council were declared vacant, it was open for anyone interested to table their names for vetting before issuance of clearance certificate by the University  commission. After following all due procedure, he was cleared but again the devil struck!  Nine of his academic results were struck out of the system making his academic credentials wanting.  It has been tough juggling between classes and putting up a spirited fight against an oppressive regime. The fight is still on.