Rock denim bottoms

Dorice Nasio

Fashion is an art and it is something we should all embrace. Being fashionable does not necessarily mean that you have to be expensive, it entails being able to put things together.

Do you ever walk on the streets and realize that denim shorts, trousers and skirts are the ‘it thing’? It is no doubt that denim jeans are the hottest trends currently. It is most likely one of the pieces of fashion everyone owns regardless of their personal style, preference or size.

Whether a dark-wash or light-wash pair of jeans, paring it with the right top, bag and shoes adds glamour to it. Consider stiletto heels in your look to bring out a classy but again formal look. One can also go for knee high boots to help add a touch of glamour for a casual look.

You can also add an evening coat to your denim look. It makes you look like someone who knows her fashion game and is on top of things. An evening coat can be anything from a velvet blazer, leather jackets, a camel coat etc.

A big or small bag of a neutral colour will help complete your classy look.

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