Finding you

Dorice Nasio

Do you ever get stuck finding your personal style and dressing for the right occasion? Well this is a struggle for many, especially  in campus where there is competition in fashion.

Personal style is important because it gives you confidence. Here are some of the things to help:

  1. Create your signature style. Find that style that people will identify you with. This will make you feel confident. If you have a hair style that makes you look good, make that your signature.
  2. Look for outfit inspiration especially if you’re trying to figure out your style. Inspiration could come from anyone. For me I try find inspiration from Instagram, runway outfits and Pinterest. It actually helps me find ways of putting outfits together.
  3. Add trendy pieces to basic pieces – I’d say I’m a basic girl but I like following trends. Trendy pieces make your existing wardrobe going. You can wear the same pair of T-shirt but add on a trendy jacket.¬† Following trends as soon as they come out is exhausting, expensive and it doesn’t really show style, you can only look and replicate.
  4. Invest in staple items – invest in key pieces. Get original items that won’t fade when washed.
  5. Comfort leads to confidence -I love things that make me feel comfortable. Figure out clothes and shoes you’re comfortable in. Find your fit, not too tight or oversize. When you look good you’ll also feel the best and that will boost your confidence level.