‘Let’s play a love scene’

Patricia Odunga

Well for most campus students, our experiences in the love industry have made us believe that love is just but an illusion, something that when given deeper thought doesn’t really exist and if it does, then it sure is only meant for a few individuals.

Campus heartbreaks have made students believe that there is nothing more to life and love. I think if you have gone through one of these then you will probably agree with me that a heartbreak can totally change you and your beliefs.

The good news however is that love surely exists and if we believe then we are all going to one day find love and have those happily ever after endings. This is why the Fanaka Arts Theater brings to you ‘ Let’s play a love scene’, a staged musical that will inspire you to find love or staying love. Join them at the Kenya National Theater as they narrate a beautiful love story of two lovebirds who never dreamt of falling in love but like fate had it they were meant for each other.

Love is such a beautiful thing. It needs to be felt by everyone. Let us all come together and share love.

The forbidden fruit

Patricia Odunga



I remember when I was joining campus two years ago my mother told me to be very careful with these campus boys.  You see these words did not bear as much weight to me back then as they should have. I was 18 and thought I had experienced it all and infact knew well how to handle these boys.

Several months  into the system, those words slowly started sinking in. I could see boys walking along the corridors of the female hostels during the late hours of the night. Ladies would leave their hostels and spend nights in the male hostels. At first it never really occurred to me what was going on until I came to learn of these three words; exile, sleepovers and sex. I specifically remember one night when my friend had to seek refuge in my room after she was exiled by her roommate who was hosting her boyfriend for the night.

I thought I was being quick to conclude at first but campus comes with a lot of sexual desires. More often than not we only realise the bitterness  of this forbidden fruit when it is too late. Forget  money, love or even influence, sex is evidently the number one motivator of these campus love affairs. Where exactly does this desire and urge for sex come from when it is clearly stated in our religious books that fornication is a sin?  Share your thoughts and help me understand.

Money and love

Patricia Odunga

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Growing up in a family filled with love, it has always been my my belief that all relationships should be built on love.

The two years in campus however has taught me that there is more than just love. I mean the kind of love affairs that our young folks across our universities are involved in are just but money making opportunities.

There has been a debate in the recent past , whether or not ladies in campus should date broke guys. I definitely was for the idea of taking in such guys because remember to me it has always been about love. A quick look into a few of my friends experiences and mine to some extent has however made me rethink about my take on this issue.

These broke campus boyfriends in most if not all cases will crawl into your arms with their bare hands, claim to love you, manipulate you into giving your all to them only to hit you with the headline after a few say weeks, months or even a year for the lucky few, that you were never the right one for them.

I call this taking advantage but sadly most girls only realise this when it’s too late. Does money overpower love in a relationship?

Is it love or lust?

Patricia Odunga.

IMG-20181021-WA0001Dating in campus has become the new thing across our universities. just like any other trend, campus students have embraced it all in the name of ‘love.’ ‘Couple goals’, a common term used to refer to thriving relationships in campus, has seen most of the students put in their best in an attempt to maintain their relationships and become that envied pair.

The question however, is whether dating in campus is all about love or lust. I have seen ladies move in with their campus boyfriends just to play wives to young men who have nothing to offer in return. I firmly believe that campus relationships are just about satisfying sexual desires of these young and energetic folks. Most campus couples do not really understand the concept of love except for the regular sleepovers during the weekends which according to them is the proof of love.

The good news however, is that some relationships built in campus have produced perfect families that are admired by many. Whether built on love or lust, dating in campus is a personal decision that comes with a lot of responsibilities. Remember to make wise decisions, always.