Is it love or lust?

Patricia Odunga.

IMG-20181021-WA0001Dating in campus has become the new thing across our universities. just like any other trend, campus students have embraced it all in the name of ‘love.’ ‘Couple goals’, a common term used to refer to thriving relationships in campus, has seen most of the students put in their best in an attempt to maintain their relationships and become that envied pair.

The question however, is whether dating in campus is all about love or lust. I have seen ladies move in with their campus boyfriends just to play wives to young men who have nothing to offer in return. I firmly believe that campus relationships are just about satisfying sexual desires of these young and energetic folks. Most campus couples do not really understand the concept of love except for the regular sleepovers during the weekends which according to them is the proof of love.

The good news however, is that some relationships built in campus have produced perfect families that are admired by many. Whether built on love or lust, dating in campus is a personal decision that comes with a lot of responsibilities. Remember to make wise decisions, always.