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Most of us, if not all are always so fascinated about finishing highschool and joining campus thinking it’s all fun and games. Yes it is fun, fun and mad fun. All the freedom we always yearned for while at school, we have.

The first days we’re so rich with money from our folks which we spend so well as per mum and dad’s instructions. Time goes and we become so known and familiar with school, we become so full of ourselves: attending all parties going down, visiting our friends from elsewhere, buying expensive stuff outside our normal budget and actually end up finishing all the pocket money we’re given. We become broke so soon that it is even hard to ask for money from our folks.

Since we can’t turn to our folks, we bet(which works well for most people earning them hundreds of thousands for survival while to some of us it just never works and we lose money instead), we gumble(which is not good), we start up small businesses(some good, others dubious). We engage ourselves in all sorts of money bringing deals to an extent of going with/for ‘sponsors’.

For self driven students like me, we know what we want in life and come what may we can never stoop to the level of ‘sponsors’. It’s just not right.

How hard?

Mellin Amayo

Today I’m fortunate enough to meet a very successful young lady with whom budgeting in campus favoured a great deal.
Me: Hi?
Lady: Hi.
Me: You look amazing I must say.
Lady: Thank you. I know how to manage and maintain myself.
Me: Exactly what I need to know right now. So I’ll start by asking, where and how did you start from?
Lady: Mmmh! I 1st started small with atleast 20/- everyday into my savings box. Later on I had a weekly challenge app that boosted and motivated me.
Me: What does it cost to budget?
Lady: Budgeting costs nothing as long as you as a student know what you want and plan yourself.
Me: Well how much do I need to save then?
Lady: This is where most students go wrong. You subtract your expenses from the little pocket money you are given and save whatever that is left which is so wrong. Determine how much you need to save and lower your expenses until you reach your goal. No one knows how much you need to save but you.
Me: Interesting,, but what if I lose track?
Lady: Unless you don’t motivate yourself by thinking about the vision you set for your future financially, you can’t lose track?
Me: And for occasional happenings, how do I budget for them?
Lady: For campus students these are birthdays and parties. It’s just a matter of being creative and taking up a side huste.Invest in the profits and make savings


Mellin Amayo

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The most commonly known student loan is HELB of which I am one of its beneficiaries;  it’s one heck of a life saver.  It has its good side but also has its grey areas which most students choose to ignore.

HELB boosts students financially which ultimately boosts their budget.  Most of us receive a total of 22,500 per semester; 5,000 is directly deposited in our school account then 17,500 is left for our own use.  This is minus the pocket money we receive from home,  how rich are campus students really?? But for some people this money ends before it even gets to see the light of the day.  I agree we should live at the moment. Yes, YOLO!  But what of tomorrow? We have to know how to budget ourselves now so we can be responsible parents in future.

If we budget well on our student loans, we can use the savings to start a business which will be our investment.  With this,  one can be able to pay the loan even before completion of school. The repayment of the loan is the grey area I had mentioned but for responsible students it’s no challenge.

Money and love

Patricia Odunga

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Growing up in a family filled with love, it has always been my my belief that all relationships should be built on love.

The two years in campus however has taught me that there is more than just love. I mean the kind of love affairs that our young folks across our universities are involved in are just but money making opportunities.

There has been a debate in the recent past , whether or not ladies in campus should date broke guys. I definitely was for the idea of taking in such guys because remember to me it has always been about love. A quick look into a few of my friends experiences and mine to some extent has however made me rethink about my take on this issue.

These broke campus boyfriends in most if not all cases will crawl into your arms with their bare hands, claim to love you, manipulate you into giving your all to them only to hit you with the headline after a few say weeks, months or even a year for the lucky few, that you were never the right one for them.

I call this taking advantage but sadly most girls only realise this when it’s too late. Does money overpower love in a relationship?

Budgeting in campus

Mellin Amayo.

Th11-Paper moneyBudgeting as a concept is very simple. It is an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time that can be very useful to us campus students. As a campus girl, I have a brain that likes to visualize a lot and create analogies about everything. If you are anything like me, you probably know very well the need to budget your income.

Most of us depend on the pocket money we receive from our folks each month which sometimes, due to campus lifestyle, is not enough and tends to get finished real quick; an idea that probably causes girls to run after ‘sponsors’ or other related situations.

I’m no finance student or expert but I sure know tips I can share to help with finances so you can manage yourself.

  • Define your financial goal; what do you want to achieve from your finances? Be optimistic but also very realistic.
  • Do a financial IEOT test; take a bit of time and asses your situation to know where you are.
  • Create a money pipeline; this will help in planning when any income hits your pockets.
  • Have a savings account; it will act as a clear holding area for funds dedicated to guaranteed semester expenses.