The next big thing

Frankline Omwoyo 

Fresh blood. Fresh minds. Fresh ideas. That is all we need to save a dying nation and let ourselves out of bondage.  This cannot happen without the greatest form of power which is knowledge.  Come and equip yourself with the relevant knowledge and leadership skills at the Windsor county club from young leaders who have exhibited exemplary leadership skills.

 The conference focuses on young promising minds that can bring notable changes in the society.With the saying that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, it goes without saying that new young minds are the real deal. The event sponsored by Young leaders association looks at the bigger picture of a united Africa with ethical leaders.

There is and has been a rot in the leadership sphere of Africa creating a huge gap in youth involvement in undertaking leadership positions. The rot is so stinking that youths who involve themselves in such errands are seen as outgoing and daring- a thought overtaken by time.

It is all in your mind. We have a couple of young leaders who have gone beyond the norms and they will be taking their time to envision you to unlock your potential. For so long we have been sitting on gold sievingsand- let us wake up, grab the gold and take off.