Engaging in sports

Hamza Hassan


Well as much we have different views and takes on sports, I think it is one of the very few things that brings folks from different backgrounds together. That being said, we should not take this unique power that sports possesses for granted, for we for sure have no knowledge on what it will be like in the near future.

Then again, having one’s self constantly engaging in sports has them open their minds to new ideas. For instance, the best sporting role is the art of teamwork. Now for those of us terming themselves as loners, are likely to change that idea if they would engage themselves in sports every now and then.

And for those that take sports on a full time basis, you are the real MVPs. Be it for entertainment, passion, passing time or whatever reason you see fit, you already know the kind of impact sports has on an individual and the society at large. As for the minority that are not in to sports or never engage in sports, well, the joke is on you.

Nobody ever moved forward standing still!