Ask Ekirapa

Dorice Nasio

Today we speak to Dalene Ekirapa a young blogger to find out what she has to say about her sense of fashion

So tell us about Dalene the Blogger

I am a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger who aims to inspire style as well as great travel and lifestyle options.

Other than blogging what else do you do?

I am a student doing my Bachelor’s in Quantity Survey while engaging in mentorship programs with the Equity Group Foundation.

What then inspires your blog?

I have always loved speaking for the slim ladies. I know how it feels to be mocked because of one’s body! And as someone who enjoys reading and adventure, getting ideas simply comes naturally.

What’s your latest fashion design project?

Currently I’m working with a designer on her latest collection which will be featured on my blog. The motive behind it is to celebrate local upcoming designers.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

I hope to launch a corporate consultancy firm covering matters on planning, marketing, advertisements and coverage of all things; fashion, travel and lifestyle.

Who inspires you in fashion?

Lucia Masau of The Kenyan Fashionado is my style icon! Her sense of style inspires mine.

What would you advice people on fashion generally?

When it comes to fashion, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good. You only need to dress your body shape, be comfortable and you’ll look effortless.




The next big thing

Frankline Omwoyo 

Fresh blood. Fresh minds. Fresh ideas. That is all we need to save a dying nation and let ourselves out of bondage.  This cannot happen without the greatest form of power which is knowledge.  Come and equip yourself with the relevant knowledge and leadership skills at the Windsor county club from young leaders who have exhibited exemplary leadership skills.

 The conference focuses on young promising minds that can bring notable changes in the society.With the saying that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, it goes without saying that new young minds are the real deal. The event sponsored by Young leaders association looks at the bigger picture of a united Africa with ethical leaders.

There is and has been a rot in the leadership sphere of Africa creating a huge gap in youth involvement in undertaking leadership positions. The rot is so stinking that youths who involve themselves in such errands are seen as outgoing and daring- a thought overtaken by time.

It is all in your mind. We have a couple of young leaders who have gone beyond the norms and they will be taking their time to envision you to unlock your potential. For so long we have been sitting on gold sievingsand- let us wake up, grab the gold and take off.

Best of both worlds

Njeri Njoroge

Being a boss does not necessarily mean an administrator or head of a division in an organization. In my interpretation, it means being good at what one does and surmounting any obstacles holding one back from doing that which they desire.
For most women, giving birth always seems like the end of the road. Many tend to abandon their careers,hobbies, dreams and ambitions. It is sad. While it may seem like a worthwhile sacrifice,it may catch up with us later on in our lives.
The instance of a parent pushing their child into a career path is no news. What many do not understand is that this is the parent trying to achieve their dreams through their children. So they choose a life for them. One they wanted for themselves.
It is unfair because the child in question is deprived of the opportunity to be their true self. To live up to their full potential and  discover themselves. The pressure on the parents to reach these goals can be overwhelming. 
It would be so much better if we figured out a way in which we can have children and our lives not come to a stand still. You can be a mom and still live and follow your dream. Yes,circumstances are not always the same for everyone but there is always a way.
Here’s to being boss moms. See you on the 25th.

‘Let’s play a love scene’

Patricia Odunga

Well for most campus students, our experiences in the love industry have made us believe that love is just but an illusion, something that when given deeper thought doesn’t really exist and if it does, then it sure is only meant for a few individuals.

Campus heartbreaks have made students believe that there is nothing more to life and love. I think if you have gone through one of these then you will probably agree with me that a heartbreak can totally change you and your beliefs.

The good news however is that love surely exists and if we believe then we are all going to one day find love and have those happily ever after endings. This is why the Fanaka Arts Theater brings to you ‘ Let’s play a love scene’, a staged musical that will inspire you to find love or staying love. Join them at the Kenya National Theater as they narrate a beautiful love story of two lovebirds who never dreamt of falling in love but like fate had it they were meant for each other.

Love is such a beautiful thing. It needs to be felt by everyone. Let us all come together and share love.

Let’s talk money

Mellin Amayo

Are you a business minded person? Do you dream to be your own boss?  You want to be successful and independent? What really stands between you and your goals; is it other people or is it just you?

 Well, come the 27th of December at the MMU conference hall and you will get all the answers. All the knowledge you need will be shared to you and you will be able to get a working understanding that will create a good work structure for you as well as your business.

Also, if you are struggling to get your head in the game and focus on your work it’s okay. Every mistake, every failure you experience is an opportunity to learn and here you will know how to make it work for you. This is going to be more than just motivational ideas and some tips on how to be productive.

 Whether you have a great idea you want to launch or a business you’re running that you want to grow, on this day you will get all the business tools you need to take your business to the next level.

Showcasing African designs

Dorice Nasio

You’re all invited to the dovykolection fashion event which will be held at the multimedia university conference hall. The event is on 31st of December and is set to start at 7pm till 11pm, entry is free. Our theme this year is showcasing African designs.

As Africans we ought to embrace our African wears and make use of the unique pieces we have. So this event is meant to be an eye opener to us all and help us get inspiration from each other. 

We’re going to have models on the run way showcasing different creative African pieces by different designers then have the judges critique the wears. The judges at this event are going to be great designers how have had great success in their designs and have sold country wide so don’t miss out on the great ideas they have for you on being unique in your African wears. We aim to inspire each and everyone to embrace African designs and give you ideas on designing original pieces. The event is not only meant to showcase African clothing, but also accessories and shoes.

Come meet our great designers and ring inspiration for your own designs or ideas on the perfect African designs to go for when shopping. The clothes and shoes to be showcased range from Ankara wears to African cultural wear so you’ll have a variety to choose from.

The audience will also be allowed to vote for their best African wear from the runway designs and also amongst themselves then the winners will be awarded. Come dressed in your best African attire.

After the event we can have you, the audience, interact with the designers and judges to find out new information and ask questions if any. Come one, come all!

Weka Weka basketball

Hamza Hassan

The annual Weka Weka basketball crossover game is almost upon us. This is the 3rd game set to be played since the event was launched, tracing back to 2016.

It was but just launched in a very unorthodox manner where the two teams were endlessly trolling each other and trash talking. So they pitched the idea of battling it out on the basketball court, and the winner would get all the bragging rights throughout the year.

Team Diaspora holds the record 2-0 over their rivals, Team Mombasa.

This year’s game will take place on the last Sunday of the year as at 4pm to 6.30pm at the Mombasa Baptist High School grounds Lord willing.

There are no entrance charges so all are cordially invited. Tell a friend to tell a friend and do bring a friend with you.

Get your popcorns ready fellas, it’s going down for real.

Quantity over quality

Dorice Nasio


According to the data from my survey, most people will go for second hand clothes when going for shopping. Only a few will consider going for new clothes.

Second hand clothes are most embraced because their prices accommodate every social class. Buying second hand is an amazing sustainable way to  shop because it’s affordable, comes in large quantities and is a perfect way to shop on a budget. It not only comes with  amazing sustainable and budget benefits but also unique pieces, pieces you will not find just in any common store. With new clothes, you might walk around and realize you are wearing a uniform.

Some people go for new clothes because they have found a brand that matches their priorities and are leading by example. But then, buying from brands can be more expensive and most people are not able to afford all their clothes new. Even though new clothes are expensive, you should consider buying them because they last longer unlike second hand pieces.

We have those people who would consider going for both second hand and new clothing which I think works so well for their budgets. They can spend a little on new clothes and buy anything they need second hand. Also there are those things that you will not want to buy second like underwear, so there definitely needs to be options available for new clothes.

It’s important to find what works for you, your budget, your needs and the options available.

The forbidden fruit

Patricia Odunga


I remember when I was joining campus two years ago my mother told me to be very careful with these campus boys.  You see these words did not bear as much weight to me back then as they should have. I was 18 and thought I had experienced it all and infact knew well how to handle these boys.

Several months  into the system, those words slowly started sinking in. I could see boys walking along the corridors of the female hostels during the late hours of the night. Ladies would leave their hostels and spend nights in the male hostels. At first it never really occurred to me what was going on until I came to learn of these three words; exile, sleepovers and sex. I specifically remember one night when my friend had to seek refuge in my room after she was exiled by her roommate who was hosting her boyfriend for the night.

I thought I was being quick to conclude at first but campus comes with a lot of sexual desires. More often than not we only realise the bitterness  of this forbidden fruit when it is too late. Forget  money, love or even influence, sex is evidently the number one motivator of these campus love affairs. Where exactly does this desire and urge for sex come from when it is clearly stated in our religious books that fornication is a sin?  Share your thoughts and help me understand.

The hour of need

Frankline Omwoyo

As the building went down in rubles, so did my heart. It has been three to four since the plans for the expansion of our local road kicked off. The excavators came crushing everything on its path that stood on government land.  Peoples live hood went down as  well but when a children’s home went down without notice and they had to spent the whole night in the cold, I was beaten and dejected. Nobody spoke about it, nobody stood with the orphans who had been left homeless once more. I expected the local leaders to say a word , they remained numb. Let us look at the other side of the coin.

Am particularly focusing on the 2/3 gender rule that seeks to add the number of women legislators  to reach the constitutional requirement.  this is mend  to increase the wages bill burden to the common citizens. We have seen politicians and leaders from across all political divide coming together and denouncing the retrogressive law in unison. There are alternatives  to reaching the required number of women legislators than posing a burden to the citizens who are currently between a rock and a hard place financially. One such option is to increase incentives to political parties that nominate women. in such cases some leaders have dumped personal interest at the expense of the people.



Engaging in sports

Hamza Hassan

Well as much we have different views and takes on sports, I think it is one of the very few things that brings folks from different backgrounds together. That being said, we should not take this unique power that sports possesses for granted, for we for sure have no knowledge on what it will be like in the near future.

Then again, having one’s self constantly engaging in sports has them open their minds to new ideas. For instance, the best sporting role is the art of teamwork. Now for those of us terming themselves as loners, are likely to change that idea if they would engage themselves in sports every now and then.

And for those that take sports on a full time basis, you are the real MVPs. Be it for entertainment, passion, passing time or whatever reason you see fit, you already know the kind of impact sports has on an individual and the society at large. As for the minority that are not in to sports or never engage in sports, well, the joke is on you.

Nobody ever moved forward standing still!